LA Times Crossword Answers Sunday January 18th 2015


LA Times Crossword Sunday January 18th

Below are the clues and answers to Sunday’s LA Times crossword for January 18th by Merl Reagle. The theme of today’s puzzle is ‘Sounds-Like Fun’, with the answers to some of the clues sounding-like common names or phrases such as 56 Across: MENNEN BLACK and 61 across: GOODBYE CREWEL WORLD. Sound-like fun to you?


1 Teatro alla ___ SCALA
6 Sticking point? CRAW
10 In a red-faced state ABASHED
17 Laurel and holly SHRUBS
19 Amber or myrrh RESIN
21 Egg-based paint TEMPERA
22 Ploy TACTIC
23 Let up ABATE
24 Some red wines CLARETS
25 What my fish-frying neighbor calls himself? THE GODFATHER OF SOLE
28 Body sci. ANAT
29 Busy boss’s hire AIDE
30 Rival of Tucson’s Wildcats, briefly ASU
31 Parts played and sung by Harry? CONNICK SECTIONS
37 1920s chief justice TAFT
41 Yellow-bellied tweeter ORIOLE
42 Jan. honoree MLK
43 ___ minimum ATA
45 Fish-fowl insert NOR
46 Wild cat LYNX
47 Kentucky Derby time MAY
48 Game with 32 cards SKAT
51 She’s married … with niños MADRE
53 Chopper AXE
54 ___ Mawr BRYN
56 Beard-darkening product? MENNEN BLACK
58 Whoosh! ZOOM
59 Little Richard’s Georgia birthplace MACON
60 Papal vestments ORALES
61 Comment heard as an embroidery shop burns down? GOODBYE CREWEL WORLD
65 Brunei’s locale BORNEO
66 Etchers use them ACIDS
67 World-domination board game RISK
68 “So, Tarzan, where does the king stash his scepter?” UNDER THRONE
70 Recording concern TONE
71 Sedona maker KIA
74 Reagan adviser Edwin MEESE
75 Singer whose name is almost a country in Africa ENYA
76 A “Brady Bunch” girl JAN
77 Emulated Nyad SWAM
78 School org. PTA
79 Kipling’s python KAA
81 S. Amer. nation BOL
82 Cold spell? ICE AGE
84 Egg Beaters’ lack YOLK
86 Girl heading out to sell cookies? BROWNIE IN MOTION
91 Jolson’s real first name ASA
93 Work with “A Life” in its title: abbr. BIOG
94 Wistful exhalation SIGH
95 “Hey, longshoremen! Keep it down!” for example? PORT NOISE COMPLAINT
102 101 Down’s arena CORRIDA
103 Best musical of 1980 EVITA
104 In full flower ABLOOM
106 Hollywood’s Parker or Powell ELEANOR
107 Hold back (a news story) SITON
108 Neutralize (a bomb) DISARM
109 Starts to undo (a tie) LOOSENS
110 Corrosive cleaners LYES
111 Deep western lake TAHOE


1 Retired boomer? SST
2 Catch up, perhaps CHAT
3 Go up, as eyebrows ARCH
4 Vermeer’s “Woman With a ___” LUTE
5 First name of two first ladies ABIGAIL
6 Tool brand sold by Sears CRAFTSMAN
7 Dolly inducted her into the Country Music Hall of Fame REBA
8 Sharp ___ AS A TACK
9 On the ball WITH IT
10 Bobby Darin’s record label, 1958-62 ATCO
11 Van Morrison’s birthplace BELFAST
12 Build up AMASS
13 Professor of herbology at Hogwarts SPROUT
14 Last of a loaf HEEL
15 Art deco artist ERTE
16 Courtroom VIPs DAS
18 It may carry a torch SCONCE
20 “___ elaborate?” NEED I
26 N. or S. state DAK
27 Old touring car REO
31 Pop option COLA
32 African antelope ORYX
33 Clementine’s shoe size NINE
34 Equi- ending NOX
35 Doc Savage portrayer Ron ELY
36 Election expert Silver NATE
38 Teen sentence-ender AND ALL
39 Not natural FORCED
40 Plodding journeys TREKS
44 “Band of Brothers” historian Stephen AMBROSE
47 Last two words of “That’s Life” MY MY
48 Formally break away SECEDE
49 Has no doubt about KNOWS
50 Mrs. Charles Lindbergh ANNE
52 On ___ (just for fun) A LARK
54 “Tommy Boy” co-star BO DEREK
55 Klaatu’s Gort, for one ROBOT
56 Place to park your bark MARINA
57 Hopeless NO WIN
58 Districts ZONES
59 Waterston’s D.A. on “Law & Order” MCCOY
61 “I’m sorry, she’s ___ lunch” GONE TO
62 Tax audit, e.g. ORDEAL
63 Come by honestly EARN
64 Author Hubbard LRON
65 Turbulent BUMPY
69 “I can’t ___ you!” (sergeant’s words) HEAR
70 They work like a charm TALISMANS
71 Movie river KWAI
72 He calls jealousy “the green-eyed monster” IAGO
73 “I couldn’t agree more” AMEN
76 Diner brew JOE
77 Awaiting the hike SET
80 Lack of inhibition ABANDON
81 Typical of urban life BIG CITY
82 “That IS good news” IM GLAD
83 Live together COHABIT
85 Mongo portrayer in “Blazing Saddles” KARRAS
87 Cummerbund cousin OBI
88 Smartens (up) WISES
89 Words after see, hear or speak NO EVIL
90 Playful bite NIP
92 “Ship of Ghouls” author STINE
95 Game of chukkers POLO
96 ___ crumbles OREO
97 Props that usually propel you backward OARS
98 Plains native OTOE
99 Rick and Victor’s love ILSA
100 Animal-rescue figure NOAH
101 El ___ TORO
102 “Fantasia” frame, e.g. CEL
105 Marie Tussaud, for ex MME