LA Times Crossword Answers Wednesday April 16 2014


LA Times Crossword Answers Wednesday April 16 2014

Crossword by: Gareth Bain and edited by Rich Norris

Wednesday’s theme: Give it a shot – each of today’s four themed answers with the hint on 57 Across start with a type of shot. These answers are Booster Seat, Cheap Trick, Drop in the Bucket and Head Honcho. How was your aim today?

Here is the complete list of answers for the Wednesday April 16th LA Times Times crossword puzzle:

Across Answers

1. Monarchy REALM
6. Many a class reunion tune OLDIE
11. “Captain Phillips” actor Hanks TOM

tom hanks black and white photo

Tom Hanks

14. __ ink INDIA
15. Fishing spots PIERS
16. Title heartbreaker in a Three Dog Night song ELI
17. *Tyke’s dinnertime perch BOOSTER SEAT
19. “I’m not a crook” monogram RMN
20. Rogue RASCAL
21. Plowing measure ACRES
23. Ad Council ad, briefly PSA
25. *Unfair deception CHEAP TRICK
28. Energetic ACTIVE
31. Obvious joy GLEE
32. “Spider-Man” trilogy director Sam RAIMI

sam raimi with headphones on

Sam Raimi

33. Feel sorry about RUE
34. Quipster WIT
37. *Insignificant amount DROP IN THE BUCKET
42. Weekend TV fare for nearly 40 yrs. SNL
43. Reading after resetting OOO
44. “Roots” hero __ Kinte KUNTA
45. Scandinavian port OSLO
47. Comeback RETORT
48. *Numero uno HEAD HONCHO
53. Used to be WAS
54. Lover of Euridice, in a Monteverdi work ORFEO
55. Decide not to ride HOOF IT
58. Cambridge sch. MIT
59. Try, or a hint to the first words of the answers to starred clues GIVE IT A SHOT
64. Rocks found in bars ICE
65. Software buyers USERS
66. Kevin of “Cry Freedom” KLINE
67. Audio receiver EAR
68. Tag cry NOT IT!
69. Loosened EASED

Down Answers

1. Cage component RIB
2. Ambient music innovator ENO
3. Worship ADORATION
4. Brainy Simpson LISA
5. Yoga class supply MATS
6. Onetime rival of Sally Jessy OPRAH

sally jesse raphael

Sally Jessy Raphael

7. Stocking thread LISLE
8. Mark of concern DEE
9. Roth __ IRA
10. Collection of heir pieces? ESTATE
11. Country singer Gibbs TERRI
12. Ancient Mexican tribe known for carved stone heads OLMEC
13. Capital WSW of Moscow MINSK
18. “__ homo” ECCE
22. Style reportedly named for Ivy League oarsmen CREW CUT
23. Western chum PARD
24. Lasting marks SCARS
26. Hot-and-cold fits AGUE
27. Working class Roman PLEB
29. Collapse inward IMPLODE
30. Sundial hour VII
33. Greek consonant RHO
35. “Don’t tell me, don’t tell me!” I KNOW THIS!
36. Neon swimmer TETRA
38. Court plea, briefly NOLO
39. Multi-cel creature? TOON
40. Commonly four-stringed instrument UKE
41. Bits of ankle art, say TATS
46. Former Japanese military ruler SHOGUN



47. Horseradish, e.g. ROOT
48. Pal, slangily HOMIE
49. Novelist Jong ERICA

erica jong

Erica Jong

50. “… happily ever __” AFTER
51. Oteri of 42-Across CHERI
52. Lift HOIST
56. Knockoff FAKE
57. Land surrounded by agua ISLA
60. Prefix with metric ISO-
61. Doc who administers a pet scan? VET
62. United ONE
63. English poet Hughes TED

ted hughes on a boat

Ted Hughes