LA Times Crossword Answers Thursday April 24 2014


LA Times Crossword Answers Thursday April 24 2014

Crossword by: Jeffrey Wechsler

Here is the complete list of answers for the Thursday April 24th LA Times Times crossword puzzle:

Across Answers

1. __ comedy BLACK
6. First vice president ADAMS

john adams

John Adams: First US Vice President and Second President

11. Tar’s direction AFT
14. Hike RAISE
15. Not adept in BAD AT
16. Prefix with state TRI-
17. Nobody special ORDINARY JOE
19. No. that may have an ext. TEL
20. Lab subjects OVA
21. Arrest NAB
22. Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy ETHEL

Ethel Kennedy

Ethel Kennedy

24. Nobody special MAN IN THE STREET
29. “They made us!” WE HAD TO!
30. “Bring on the weekend!” TGIF!
32. Edna Ferber novel SO BIG

edna ferber

Edna Ferber

35. 24-hr. news source MSNBC
37. Cartoon monkey ABU
38. Museum supporter, familiarly THE NEA
40. Complain YAMMER
42. Heathrow approx. ETD
43. Speeding sound VROOM!
47. Waist-reduction plans DIETS
48. Sharpen WHET
50. Stuck on a stick IMPALED
52. Nobody special AVERAGE CITIZEN
57. City northeast of Colgate University UTICA
58. ’60s hot spot NAM
59. Yalie ELI
60. Superdome city’s Amtrak code NOL
61. Nobody special JOHN Q PUBLIC
66. Suffix with alp -INE
67. Parting word ADIEU
68. Commandeer SEIZE
69. Selected on a questionnaire, with “in” XED
70. Cinque plus due SETTE
71. “Enigma Variations” composer ELGAR

Down Answers

1. Halloween carrier? BROOM
2. Grub or chigger LARVA
3. Quinn of “Elementary” AIDAN

aidan quinn

Aidan Quinn

4. Emmy-winning forensic series CSI
5. “Women in Love” director Russell KEN

Ken Russell

Ken Russell

6. Father of Isaac ABRAHAM
7. They’re handy for overnight stays DAYBEDS
8. Small, medium or lge. ADJ
9. “A revolution is not a dinner party” statesman MAO
10. Guide STEER
11. Enjoying a Jazz performance? AT THE GAME
12. Organization that supports the Dalai Lama FREE TIBET
13. Money drawer TILL
18. Lit. compilation ANTH
23. Asian holiday TET
25. Victory cry I WIN!
26. Much of Israel NEGEV
27. Place to get off: Abbr. STN
28. Jones who plays the announcer in “The Hunger Games” TOBY

Toby Jones

Toby Jones: dressed in character in the Hunger Games

31. Apparel sometimes protested FURS
32. Chicken paprikash, e.g. STEW
33. “Hmm … I was thinking of something else” OH, THAT ONE
34. Tormented, as with doubt BEDEVILED
36. West Pointer CADET
39. Spotlit number, perhaps ARIA
41. Dress length MIDI
44. Texting exclamation OMG
45. Good scoring opportunity, in hockey OPEN NET
46. Rhesus monkey, e.g. MACAQUE
49. Gumshoe TEC
51. Sagging LIMP
53. South Asian rulers RAJAS
54. Woody Allen mockumentary ZELIG

Woody Allen

Woody Allen

55. “My Fair Lady” lady ELIZA

Audrey Hepburn dressed as Eliza Doolittle

Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle in the 1964 film version of My Fair Lady

56. Sweeter, in a way NICER
57. Windows alternative UNIX
62. Pindar product ODE
63. Parade member? HIT
64. Put into operation USE
65. __ canto BEL