LA Times Crossword Answers Sunday August 24th 2014

LA Times Crossword Answers August 24th 2014

Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the August 24th LA Times newspaper crossword puzzle by Merl Reagle.


1 Scarred skipper AHAB
5 Cart part WHEEL
10 In the least A BIT
14 “No kidding!” GOSH
18 Catches, as calves ROPES
20 TV theme composer Hagen (he’s also the one doing the whistling on “The Andy Griffith Show”) EARLE
21 Phony’s intro CACO
22 Hero’s intro ANTI
23 Mad spoof of a Tippi Hedren film? FOR THE BIRDS
25 Some feds TMEN
26 City on the Rhone LYON
27 Sauce staple TOMATO
28 Sad sounds SOBS
29 One way to read ALOUD
30 Mad spoof of a Harrison Ford film? THE EMPIRE STRIKES OUT
35 With 2 Down, a Homeric cry WOO
36 Weight room unit REP
37 PBS supporter NEA
38 Tennis term AD IN
39 Lend credence (to) ATTEST
41 Mad spoof of a Robert Redford film? THE GREAT GASBAG
48 Judge DEEM
49 Blanked, with “out” SHUT
50 “Cabaret” co-star GREY
51 Halloween, for one EVE
52 Mad spoof of a Clint Eastwood film? IN LINE TO BE FIRED
57 Journalist Ezra KLEIN
59 Speed reader? RADAR
60 Item in a pack? LIE
61 Spooky or kooky WEIRD
62 Mad spoof of a Sharon Stone film? BASICALLY IT STINKS
67 Foaming mugful LATTE
68 Awfully long span EON
69 No-brainer course EASYA
70 Moth-eaten HOLEY
71 Mad spoof of a Kevin Costner film? THE UNWATCHABLES
78 Letters of transit? UPS
79 Red Sea port SUEZ
80 Part of QED ERAT
81 Get the short end LOSE
82 Mad spoof of a Warren Beatty film? HEAVING CAN WAIT
87 Bond-film foe SMERSH
89 Don of talk IMUS
90 River lurker EEL
91 Bridge-gap insert THE
92 Word with dog or elephant EAR
93 Mad spoof of a Charlton Heston  film? THE AGONY AND THE AGONY
100 Canine cap CROWN
101 Formal decree FIAT
102 Mustard, for one YELLOW
103 Fictional fiend HYDE
104 Actor Clive OWEN
105 Mad spoof of a Tom Hanks film? APPALLING13
110 Epps of “House, M.D.” OMAR
111 Mediocre writer HACK
112 Cruise worry STORM
113 “The Merry Widow” composer LEHAR
114 Unites WEDS
115 Certain bank deposits ORES
116 A hurried state HASTE
117 Lens holders RIM


1 Pet sound ARF
2 See 35 Across HOO
3 Letters in car ads APR
4 Henry’s “Jezebel” co-star BETTE
5 Online program WEB APP
6 Part of Hispaniola HAITI
7 Foul-up ERROR
8 “Ragtime” auth. ELD
9 Guitar innovator Paul LES
10 Lowe or Gere, e.g. ACTOR
11 Drawn fawn BAMBI
12 Scratched the surface? ICE SKATED
13 Huge amount TON
14 Jug units GALLONS
15 Where the joke might be ON YOU
16 Bar choice STOUT
17 Word with quarters HIND
19 Smiths, at times SHOERS
24 “Blade Runner” co-star M.  ___ Walsh EMMET
28 Night sight STAR
29 It has billions ASIA
30 Count ___ TOTEN
31 Shuttle destination HOTEL
32 In the summer, on the Somme ENETE
33 Broadcast pt. SEG
34 Envelope-pushing EDGY
35 Arabian arroyo WADI
40 Dubai, for one EMIRATE
41 Birch of “American Beauty” THORA
42 O’Hare, for one HUB
43 Florida avian EGRET
44 “Rules ___ rules” ARE
45 Case load? BEERS
46 Devoted AVID
47 Bible bk. GEN
49 Legato’s opposite: abbr. STAC
53 Spiteful NASTY
54 Portrayer of Carmela and Jackie EDIE
55 Memorable Robin Hood FLYNN
56 The second sequel III
57 Somalia neighbor KENYA
58 Winsome LIKABLE
61 Birthday secret WISH
62 Modeling wood BALSA
63 TV host Gibbons LEEZA
64 “Who’s on First” guy LOU
65 Adjusted to, as a thermostat SET AT
66 Bumpkin’s lack TACT
67 Bound (along) LOPE
70 “Whazzat?” HUH
71 Beach battles TUGS OF WAR
72 1970s TV western, “___  Ramsey” HEC
73 Archaic forest WEALD
74 Agent Gold on “Entourage” ARI
75 “Two Women” Oscar winner LOREN
76 Writing assignment ESSAY
77 Very, in German SEHR
79 Lacking wiggle room SNUG
83 TV fans VIEWERS
84 Single-named supermodel IMAN
85 In order NEAT
86 Scientist ___ Ho Lee WEN
87 Must, in legalese SHALL
88 Olive Oyl, in Popeye’s words ME GOIL
91 “Out with it!” TELL ME
93 “Go ahead, ask.” TRY ME
94 Surfer wannabe HODAD
95 Dorothy, to Em NIECE
96 Bosox foes YANKS
97 Misteaks? TYPOS
98 Courage HEART
99 Part of FSBO OWNER
100 Eats CHOW
104 “Well, well, well!” OHO
105 Bat wood ASH
106 Mom-and-pop org. PTA
107 4 on a phone GHI
108 An hour after midnight 1AM
109 School basics, the ___ 3 RS