LA Times Crossword Answers Wednesday Oct 7th 2015

Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Wednesday, October 7th 2015, LA Times puzzle.


1. Great Salt Lake component, to a chemist NACL
5. Moved for a better view, in a way SAT UP
10. Lucy’s partner DESI
14. Fairy tale villain OGRE
15. Yoga position ASANA
16. Pair in a loaf ENDS
17. Sleeping in the great outdoors, e.g. ROUGHING IT
19. Big East or Big South org. NCAA
20. Generation AGE
21. Org. recommending flossing ADA
22. Like many stunts RISKY
23. Making sense HOLDING WATER
28. In the past AGO
29. Start of a spelling rule broken by deists? I BEFORE E
33. Flooded AWASH
36. Bring __ a substitute IN AS
37. Co-star of Burt in “The Killers” AVA
42. Prefix with fold TRI-
43. “I get the idea!” OK OK!
44. Skeptical LEERY
45. Guard SENTINEL
48. Korean automaker KIA
49. Airport agent’s request BOARDING PASS
54. Adolescent sidekick ROBIN
57. Indifferent response MEH
58. “I did not need to know that” TMI
59. Letter-shaped building part I-BAR
60. Hockey punishment for the starts of the longest across answers PENALTY BOX
64. Narrated TOLD
65. “State of Affairs” star Katherine HEIGL
66. Clanton foe EARP
67. Jazz finale? ZEES
68. Schmoes DOPES
69. Leaf support STEM


1. Ravi’s musical daughter NORAH
2. Disco era suffix A GOGO
3. Mean CRUEL
4. Wing alternative LEG
5. Flatly denied it SAID NO
6. Hit __: experience delays A SNAG
7. Put out on the infield TAG
8. One at the front? UNI-
9. Butter serving PAT
10. “Meet the Parents” actor DE NIRO
11. Contents of some envs. ENCS
12. Neb. neighbor SDAK
13. “Do as __ …” I SAY
18. __-Ashbury: San Francisco section HAIGHT
22. Court official REF
24. Smidgen of spice DASH
25. Take the top medal WIN GOLD
26. By surprise ABACK
27. New Age musician John TESH
30. Compete in a heat RACE
31. At any time EVER
32. “Nothing to it!” EASY!
33. Siesta hrs. AFTS
34. Charging cable, e.g. WIRE
35. Not fer AGIN
36. Graphic novel artist INKER
39. Isle of Mull neighbor IONA
40. Land ALIGHT
41. Tide type NEAP
46. Classic Fords T-BIRDS
47. Accelerator particle ION
48. Mournful tolls KNELLS
50. Physical likeness IMAGE
51. Chance to swing AT BAT
52. Three-ingredient treat S’MORE
53. Common dinner hr. SIX PM
54. Nabisco cracker RITZ
55. Concert reed OBOE
56. About 500 pounds of cotton BALE
60. Scholar’s deg. PHD
61. Want-ad abbr. EEO
62. Quick drink NIP
63. Aye or hai YES