LA Times Crossword Answers Sunday September 7 2014


LA Times Crossword Answers Sunday September 7th 2014

Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Sunday September 7th LA Times newspaper crossword puzzle by Merl Reagle:


1 2005 Oscar winner CRASH
6 Assigned stations POSTS
11 Catches sight of SPOTS
16 Rico’s intro PUERTO
17 Signal subtly WINK AT
18 Olympic wreath LAUREL
20 Colt’s place HOLSTER
21 Pacino chants it in “Dog Day Afternoon” ATTICA
22 Eventually IN TIME
23 One-dose containers AMPULES
24 Readily recognized ICONIC
25 What a goner has NO HOPE
26 Cary’s blonde “Blonde Venus” co-star MARLENE
27 Reliable TRUSTY
28 Like some missiles GUIDED
29 Cuts and pastes EDITS
30 Career soldier LIFER
32 Yarn shop frequenters KNITTERS
34 “Hmmm …” LET’S SEE NOW
36 Eschewed diner food ATE IN
38 Manipulative types USERS
39 Runners’ buys TRACK SHOES
45 Buyer’s problem, sometimes REMORSE
49 Popular volleyball venue BEACH
50 Part of a two-word term that means “baked earth” COTTA
51 Italian ice cream GELATO
52 A bad tooth may cause it DULL ACHE
55 Regarding ABOUT
56 Elite rosters A LISTS
57 Pull one’s leg TEASE
58 Adjective for Mary I BLOODY
59 Cup, in Calais TASSE
60 Librarians, at times SHUSHERS
63 One-___ (short film) REELER
64 Catchall category OTHER
65 First name of a literary Cossack TARAS
66 English and math, for example CLASSES
68 Comforting REASSURING
70 “Hair” hairdos AFROS
72 Hot Lips Houlihan, for one NURSE
73 Legless lizard whose long tail breaks off easily GLASS SNAKE
79 Martin Luther King Jr. and others BAPTISTS
84 Be part of a get-hitched-quick scheme ELOPE
85 Calculus pioneer EULER
86 Surfing, perhaps ONLINE
87 Real application, as opposed to theory PRAXIS
90 First-string player STARTER
92 Entebbe’s country UGANDA
93 Inalienable items RIGHTS
94 Scam, informally FAST ONE
95 Low-grade liquor ROTGUT
96 Play an ace? AVIATE
97 Stirred AROUSED
98 Arianna Huffington’s birthplace GREECE
99 Made a big noise YELLED
100 Paris Hilton’s great-grandfather CONRAD
101 Put in one’s two cents’ worth ADDED
102 Herd member STEER
103 Elizabeth I’s favorite ESSEX



1 Guilty party CULPRIT

2 Test news RESULTS
4 Dutch painter Jan STEEN
5 Like some carriages HORSELESS
6 Race-car rejuvenators PIT CREWS
7 Out performing? ON TOUR
8 Potato coverings SKINS
9 Unspoken TACIT
10 “Fat City” star STACY KEACH
11 Write for a living, slangily SLING INK
12 Come to fruitionPAN OUT
13 Batted better than OUTHIT
14 Guitar-amplifier tube TRIODE
15 Start of a military motto SEMPER
16 Old-style hair goo POMADE
17 “Please ___ the beep” WAIT FOR
19 City 70 miles NE of Liverpool LEEDS
20 “Hill Street Blues” co-star Veronica HAMEL
31 “That’s all ___!” I NEED
33 ___ marketing NICHE
35 French or Italian bread? EUROS
36 Kin of “as you were” AT EASE
37 Lost-parcel probe TRACER
40 Piano practice SCALES
41 Boxcar hoppers HOBOES
42 Star of a film classic that’s set in the desert O’TOOLE
43 Piano practice pieces ETUDES
44 Nymph chaser SATYR
45 Tell RELATE
46 Elevator pioneer Otis ELISHA
47 Hoi polloi MASSES
48 River frolickers OTTERS
49 Doldrums kin BLAHS
51 University of Florida player GATOR
53 Intersection no-nos, sometimes U TURNS
54 “Gil Blas” novelisT Alain René ___ LESAGE
58 Copper-zinc alloy BRASS
60 Cocky walk STRUT
61 They keep locks in place HAIRSPRAYS
62 Toss out SCRAP
67 Is embarrassed, in a way LOSE FACE
69 Ousted from office UNSEATED
70 Sparkling AGLITTER
71 Cleaned with string FLOSSED
74 Vivaldi quartet? SEASONS
75 Encourage NURTURE
76 Charlie Parker’s instrument ALTO SAX
77 Made loud wailing sounds KEENED
78 Messed up ERRED
79 Medieval village BOURG
80 Type of wool ANGORA
81 Covered, as with metal PLATED
82 Lightly colored TINGED
83 Bring about INDUCE
84 Sigh, for example EXHALE
88 Rosie’s fastener RIVET
89 Like Cirque du Soleil stars AGILE
91 Plants from which poi is made TAROS