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Absolutely fantastic collections of LA Times crossword puzzles:

2010 LA Times Crossword Calendar
2010 LA Times Crossword Calendar


This Los Angeles Times crossword calendar is a great gift for anyone that is a crossword lover including yourself. Put one next to your telephone, on your desk or even your coffee table. It is a great way to pass the time when you have some time to spare. It will test your skills, teach you a thing or two and certainly give you a chuckle. The LA Times crossword 2010 calendar is flying off the shelf so be quick to get your copies. The new year is approaching very fast!


2010 New York Times Crossword Calendar
LA Times Crossword Rival Calendar

$10.39 (Save $2.60)

Yes it is not the LA Times crossword calendar but we thought we should be fair and give our competition a go as well. The New York Times crossword calendar is also a ripper. A great gift almost everyone, because lets face it, who doesn’t like crosswords? Stick it just anywhere, on the fridge, your desk, your office, staffroom or wall that needs some fun brought to it. There are still a number of these in stock but if it is anything like the LA Times crossword then it will not be available for very long.


LA Times Crossword Book Volume 15
LA Times Crossword Volume 15


So you have mastered the first 14 volumes so it is time to sink your teeth into this one. Get a huge 72 puzzles in Volume 15 of the daily LA Times crossword collection. These are fun, mainstream but still challenging crosswords giving you maximum enjoyment for this super low price. The book is specially designed to stay open or lay flat so that it is easy to take and with you and use anywhere.


LA Times Crossword Book Volume 18
LA Times Crossword Puzzle Book Volume 18


Just like the previous volumes this little book of goodness is fun, challenging and entertaining. You will be wondering where all the time goes. You could be excused for even forgetting to eat or sleep when you have volume 18 of the LA Times crossword puzzles collection in your hands. It is ergonomically designed with a  reinforced spiral binding so you can use it anywhere you go. Makes a perfect gift for any occasion for the crossword lover!